What’s With That Big Fan And Blinding Plates?


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What’s with that big ol’ fan on UW-Platteville’s campus? It’s been very windy. Sometimes it moves, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t understand how these fans work. Is there a thermostat so I can change the temperature? It’s too windy and too cold. Knock it off! If the fan is off, then how is there wind? Can we warm the wind up or put in requests to warm up the wind? I don’t want to shovel the snow and if that gets rid of it, I’m all in.

And those weird-looking metal plates by the parking lot! What do those do, besides blind people and send them into a ditch? I could be angry about the potholes on the windy one-way road down to the “remote lot,” but I was too blinded! If there are hundreds of those things facing one way, how can kids play sports down there?! They must be blind half the time. Is that why we’re losing all the time?