Pioneer marching band buys 200 new uniforms


Caroline Lundberg

The Pioneer marching band performs at this year’s Homecoming Parade. The band purchased new uniforms due to increases in number of members.

Kelsey Jacobsen, Student Writer

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville marching band will be looking sharp in the new uniforms that have recently been purchased.

Due to the band’s numbers jumping from around 125 students last year up to about 160 students this year, it was clear there was a need for new uniforms. Director Matthew Gregg said people were noticing the lack of uniforms in the percussion section because that section is the easiest to disguise when needed. Not only was it the lack of uniforms, there were also a few labeling issues with the UW-Platteville logo on the old uniforms.

The band ordered 200 new uniforms for the 2013-14 year. Gregg said that after discounts were applied, and other ways to save money were figured out, the total amount for the uniforms came out to a price of under $63,000. The price may still seem like a large amount, which it is, but it is still better than what they would have been paying before the discounts. They were able to afford this because of the UW-Platteville Foundation, which allowed the band to borrow money from them. Gregg is not eactly sure how they are going to repay this amount, but he would assume various fundraisers would be created to accomodate the cost.

Though the uniforms have not yet arrived, it is hoped that they will be here for the October 26th performance.