Platteville’s ‘need to know’ fire ordinance


Desiree Roe

Open Burning Ordinance

With the change in weather, it is not uncommon for Platteville residents to have bonfires. Because of the potential dangers open burning presents, there is an ordinance that residents must follow. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, “Open burning is defined as burning any material outdoors without any air pollution controls in place. Burning in an unconfined area, a container or a pile, are all considered to be open burning.”

To avoid an open burning violation citation, it is imperative that residents become educated before they have recreational fires. Violating the ordinance can be considered a civil forfeiture and is a minimum fine of $138.20 in the state of Wisconsin.

A permit is not necessary for recreational fires, however, there are certain guidelines residents must follow. For example, certain materials cannot be burned. According to the Platteville open burning ordinance, the following materials cannot be recreationally burned: “scrap lumber, wood treated with preservatives, construction or demolition debris, furniture, fencing material or any other treated, coated, varnished, painted, glued or resin impregnated or finished wood.”

For a complete overview on what the ordinance restricts, turn to page 3.

“If anyone has any questions, give a call to the police department, we’d be happy to educate people and would rather do that than have to show up and give citations,” Chief of Police Doug McKinley said.

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