Determining the value of an individual’s vote

In Wisconsin, the Voter ID Law has deterred many voters from going to the polls. Professor Rosalyn Broussard and an attorney named Molly McGraff were asked to speak on campus about the controversial voter ID law in Wisconsin.

“In 2016 in Dane and Milwaukee county, around 16,800 people didn’t vote because they had the wrong ID, even though some of them did have the right identification,” voting rights attorney Molly McGraff said.

The purpose of the speeches was to educate student voters on how and what to do to stay engaged in voting and how to overcome voter suppression.

“I wanted to put together programming, and I thought a program on voting rights would be perfect,” Rob Snyder said.

The collaboration was put together to educate students about the history of voting in the United States and the current forces that are suppressing voters in Wisconsin.

“My motivation is to expose voters to what the problems are and that this is a real issue,” McGraff said.