Review: The Ticket

Accessible, affordable and delicious

I have lived in Platteville for two years now, and saying it’s hard to find cheap, good food off campus is an understatement: that’s why I love the ticket.

The Ticket is a sports bar and grill with a fun, amazing atmosphere, not just another sleezy bar.  Located on 60 South Court Street in Platteville, right across from the post office, it is within an easy walking distance for students living on campus. As soon as you enter the room, you automatically feel at home. 

I’ve been there multiple times and have tried a variety of different things on their menu. It’s easy to spend under 10 dollars there for dinner, compared to Steve’s pizza, where you can easily spend over 30 dollars in one sitting.

The Ticket is most known for their wings. They have 10 different flavors of sauce, bone in and boneless wings. My favorite sauce by far is the parmesan garlic and a close second is the teriyaki. They also serve burgers, pizza, wraps, fried pickles and, for all the veggie heads, awesome salads.

They also have different deals every day on food and drinks. On Wednesdays, “burger night”, you can get a burger for 1.35 dollars and fries for only one dollar. 

On Thursdays they have 50 cent, “wing night” with boneless wings. They also have five dollar Bloody Mary’s on Sunday nights as well having beers on tap.