Program-wide Piano Recital


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Dr. Kaju Lee, Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy and Collaborative Piano and Piano Area Coordinator at UW-Platteville, along with her students, performed several pieces at the piano recital on May 2 in Brodbeck Concert Hall.

Dr. Lee has been teaching piano at UW-Platteville since 2018.

Regarding the recital, Dr. Lee talked about the program order and how she puts the pieces together. She explained, “I put the youngest kids first because they will get nervous the longer they wait to play. The heavier pieces I put at the end, and the last piece I put was Elliot. It was an unusual piece with tonality, and I wanted to put this at the end to just give a piece to walk away from. Sometimes I give a definite ending to a piece. Other times they are more up for interpretation.”

The pieces were ordered beautifully, and it helped to keep the audience’s attention from the first piece that was played. In an interview with senior Devin Lee, he mentioned how the pieces are chosen for the players.

He commented, “You get to pick from a period or a composer. I chose my piece because there is a high ceiling for artistic interpretation.” This was a nice way to have choice and freedom to play what students want while still being directed with what they are playing.

Lee gave a few parting words from the interview about how he felt about this being his last concert. He stated, “I am very happy that I got to blossom as a piano player since I didn’t think I would get much of an experience to play since high school.”

These opportunities helped Lee become the piano player he is today. He will never forget the opportunities he had while studying at UW-Platteville.

The Exponent also had the opportunity to talk to Mike Jones, who is also a senior at UW-Platteville. He mentioned his favorite piece and how it truly moved him. “My favorite piece was ‘Wishing’ played by Isaiah Glasbrenner. I believe it was a piece included in the movie ‘Up.’ I actually ended up crying during it too,” he said.

This concert was so moving, it had the whole crowd and piano players emotional throughout the entire performance.

Jones also talked about what he wants future students to know. He stated, “I would just say never give up. Don’t let what others, or even yourself, think or say or stop you from doing what you want to do. We’re capable of more than we think! The only time you fail is when you stop trying.” Future piano players will have many opportunities here at UW-Platteville.