Sen. Agard Visits Platteville Regarding Cannabis


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State Senator Melissa Agard (D-16), accompanied by State Senator Brad Pfaff (D-32) visited the Platteville Public Library on May 4 as part of Sen. Agard’s “Grass Roots Tour” to discuss full legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin.

Sen. Agard’s tour began on May 4 in Platteville and continued in Wauwatosa on May 10, Eau Claire on May 25 and Wausau on June 1.

Her main talking points for full legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin included economic opportunities and criminal justice, and that the rate of legalization across the country prompts Wisconsin to push for full legalization to maintain its standing within the country by these standards.

She noted that over 30 states and multiple territories have legalized medical usage and that over 20 states, multiple territories and Washington D.C. have legalized non-medical usage for responsible adults.

The emphasis, here, is that Wisconsin is an “island of prohibition,” in that Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota have greater legalization for cannabis. Wisconsin residents seeking to use cannabis medically or non-medically must drive to these states and purchase it there, resulting in a loss of economy and autonomy.

Sen. Agard stated in her press release on the Grass Roots Tour that “Every day that we wait is one more day that we are less safe, less prosperous, and less equitable. Simply put, it’s not a matter of  ‘if’ marijuana will be legalized in Wisconsin, but ‘when.’ It’s past time we do this in a manner that bolsters Wisconsin businesses, honors personal liberties, promotes criminal justice reform and brings revenue back into our state that is currently flooding across our borders to neighboring states.”

Sen. Agard noted that, while her proposed bills in the state legislature of cannabis legalization have been blocked by Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committees, many of the representatives themselves support legalization, that “it is not a priority of their constituents.”

She emphasized the importance of communicating with representatives: “they do not know what is not told to them.”

She mentioned that writing letters, sending emails and calling the offices of representatives are effective ways to communicate important matters, and that following up after reaching out ensures that the message is heard.

Platteville is represented by State Senator Howard Marklein (R-17) and Representative Travis Tranel (R 49), who were invited to the event but did not come.

For the past handful of state legislative cycles, Sen. Agard has proposed bills for full legalization of cannabis. For more information on her bills and her advocacy, visit her website at senate/16/agard.