Empty Bowls Letter to the Editor


The UW-Platteville Clay Club hosted their “Empty Bowls” event, serving chili in bowls they made. Anthony Malo photo.

Dear Editor, 

I would like to share with you the amazing experience that was had by Clay Club this last weekend.  We have been gearing up for our annual Empty Bowls fundraiser during this Fall 2021 semester. This past Sunday, Dec. 5, it finally came to be. 

During this event, students and community members alike came to the Council Chambers of Platteville’s City Hall. Bowls were sold at $10  each, $5 for students with their campus ID. Folks would then run through the line and pick out their preferred bowl from the 157 bowls Clay Club had made over the past semester.  

Once people had picked their bowl, they then got to move along and grab a chili or soup type from the six options. Once the delicious, hot soup was dished up, members of the community were able to take it home and enjoy with their loved ones.

Clay Club also had two raffle items, a large statue of a fancy woman and a large dish. These two items raked up about twenty raffle tickets in total, one of which got to go home with one of our own Platteville community members.  

Our sale was so successful that we sold out of soups and chili at 1:00 p.m., an hour before our event officially ended. At two o’clock we began to pack up, 151 bowls lighter!

Our Clay Club members worked very hard this semester, and the nine of us who staffed the event did a wonderful job representing our lovely club on campus. Huge shout out to those who came and made bowls in support of Empty Bowls!

And of course we couldn’t have done it without the larger community of Platteville. A very big thank you to the Platteville community; we appreciate your support for Ruby’s Food Pantry here in our own community.