UW-Platteville Communications photo

UW-Platteville Communications photo

Name: Issac Wiegal

Hometown: Belmont, WI

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Freshman

Sport: Wrestling 

How did you get started in wrestling?

When I was in elementary, school my dad brought me to wrestling practice to get me out of the house and use up my energy. In middle school, I found out I was good at it. I also loved basketball and had to make the difficult choice between basketball and wrestling. I chose wrestling because I could see more of my effort pay off.

Does your basketball experience help you with wrestling at all?

Yeah, not technique wise but they both involve footwork. I also did track and football which I think helped with strength and endurance. Basketball helped me translate my skills to wrestling and it helped me be a team player.

 In what ways is wrestling a team sport?

It more shows up in practice and lifestyle. We need each other on and off season to help each other train. It helps to have teammates that are also juggling school and sports. It feels like a family with a common interest in wrestling.

What advice do you have for wrestlers that are new to the sport?

I would say to treat it like a lifestyle. It’s less about how you show up to practice and more about how you live your life. Wrestling isn’t just in the practice room.