Green Campus Project, Office of Sustainability organize garden picnic

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Green Campus Project, Office of Sustainability organize garden picnic

Sarah Myers

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On Friday Sept. 12, at 6 p.m., the Green Campus Project and Office of Sustainability organized a picnic for the new edible garden. This brand new edible garden is located between McGregor and Royce Hall.

The event was supposed to take place outside at the garden, however due to the cold and rain, the event was moved inside to the basement of McGregor.

Attendants of the event were notified to bring their own bowl, utensils and beverage as the food would be provided, which was all created using the foods grown in the edible garden.

“I loved the sustainability of the project and thought the garden was a great new addition to the campus,” sophomore animal science major Candace Edwards said.

“I’m a big advocate for growing new and organic food and wanted to start something new for Platteville since there has never been anything like this before,” senior health and human performance major Kaitlyn Pustina said.

In the garden itself, there are 14 beds in total.

In the edible garden, there are a huge variety of things to choose from. They are growing tomatoes, peppers, snow peas, okra, herbs, three different types of basil, Thai eggplant, lettuce and much more.

“Thirteen years ago, the community was inspired to do something more socially conscious after the events that happened on 9/11” Sustainability Coordinator and Green Campus Project advisor Amy Seeboth-Wilson said.

Since then, the Green Campus Project focuses on sustainability and recycling all across the campus of UW-Platteville. The group plans on doing more events involving this brand new edible garden.

Pustina has high hopes for the new edible garden as many people took an interest when there was yoga being held in the garden over the summer.

Members of the GCP see the garden having a lot of potential to be a great new addition to the campus of UW-Platteville, along with many more events coming in the future.

The Green Campus project has volunteer hours on Tuesdays from 4 to 7 p.m. where students of the community can learn how to garden or help out in any way.