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Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Season

Ethan Hack

1. Self Discovery 
This is the process of understanding who you are as an individual, whether your values, morals, likes and dislikes etc. Self discovery is what gets you up in the morning and keeps you motivated. Self discovery tips:

• Trying new things
• Journaling
• Find your support system
• Moving on from mistakes
• Practicing your passions


2. Mental Health
The CDC describes mental health as “our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act.” College students now more than every are exposed to depression and anxiety. Things you can do for your mental health:

• Exercising
• Sleeping
• Keeping hydrated
• Getting connected to professionals
• Finding a relaxing hobby


3. Self Acceptance
The act of accepting yourself and embracing your flaws. This is without conditions and exceptions to what you define as perfect. Self acceptance allows us to have a more positive wellbeing and quality of life. Ways achieve to self acceptance:

• Positive self talks
• Letting go of the unchangeable
• Setting goals
• Identifying strengths
• Being kind to yourself


4. Boundaries
Boundaries are the limits that you have for yourself to protect your wellbeing. It is important to establish boundaries because you know yourself the best and how you function to feel secure. Ways to establish boundaries:

• Focusing on yourself
• Establishing your limits
• Being direct with others and yourself
• Building up from small boundaries
• Being comfortable with the uncomfortable


5. Self-Care
Taking care of yourself is essential in being the best version of yourself. It can be as simple as boosting your mood and making you more functional. Practicing self-care can help you be less stressed when faced with adversity. Examples of self-care:

• Listening to music or podcasts
• Saying “No”
• Creating a healthy routine
• Spending time with loved ones
• Eating healthy foods


6. Inner Voice
This is your inner monologue. It judges your every movement and thought in order to make us feel safe. Though this safeness can twist into your own worst enemy. Ways to make the inner voice more positive:

• Recognizing the negative thoughts and re-direct them
• Writing down the negatives
• Giving yourself grace
• Understand how your inner voice sounds
• Meditating

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