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UWP Students BA Senior Show

“Silent” – 2022 – Micron, Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas

As the 2023-24 school year approaches its end, seniors with a Bachelor of Arts held a showcase for their artwork and the Bachelor of Fine Arts students provided an art piece to the exhibit.
The exhibit is held in the Nohr Gallery in Ullsvik Hall and will be open to the public until May 10 on weekdays from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.
Bachelor of Arts students include Faith Dalton and Jacque Komas; Bachelor of Fine Arts students include Maya Bellmeyer, Hannah Cruz, Emily Deppe, Jacob Eck, Jacob Muller, Noel Strait and Becky Yang.
The BFA students will be hosting their own solo exhibits in the following weeks.

Faith Dalton
Artist Statement: “Change is the law of nature. Transition and growth is completely inevitable as human beings. My work signifies my artistic journey here at UW-Platteville. The evolution from art student to art teacher, I started off as an artist with potential in which my professors saw and encouraged. I realized creating the life you want an the art you want takes dedication and passion. I observed this when becoming a mother my last year of schooling while struggling with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. My loyalty to my educational career as well as my own character was being tested. Changing as a person, required me to look at my art differently. Here is where I noticed with physical, and visual evidence that I had gone through a complete metamorphosis, I had grown as an artist and transition into motherhood.”

1. “Insanity” – 2021 – Acrylic and Sharpie on Canvas
2. “Feel Me” – 2024 – Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas
3. “Silent” – 2022 – Micron, Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas
4. “Sick N’ Tired” – 2022 – Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas
5. “Trapped” – 2023 – Pencil, Micron, Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas
6. “Split” – 2021 – Acrylic on Canvas


Jacque Komas
Artist Statement: “Through my art, I begin dismantling my past and forcing the trauma and euphoria to bend to my will through my paintings and sculptures. The wielding of such highs and lows creates a path on whcih I may walk to better understand not only myself, but the world around me, as well as which way to pave forward through my life.
My paintings physically manifest this path I am on. Through each curving, intersecting and overlapping line I pain stakingly stroke over the canvas, the pathways within my life begin to unfold for the world to see. The negative emotions and actions of life, display in my works through the tightly bound clusters of lines, while the positives and yet to arrive portions of life reside within broad spaced strokes.
While my paintings are representative of my thoughts and mental state, my ceramics are the physical portions of my life. Through dealing with the waves of life, my physical well-being has matched my mental, which comes out in my ceramic work. The works I produce out of clay mirror that is produced from acrylic and canvas. The designs shown off on the exterior of my pieces show the struggles that I have had to overcome with repeated injuries that have attempted to halt my advances.
Through both media sources, I go about producing my works similarly. The path I start down for producing works is going through my own memories to try and draw out the stronger ones. These memories can be those that impacted how I thought about the world or how the world impacted me. Even through drudging up old memories, I am not dragged back down by the world’s negativities, and I suggest those who view my work can learn and grow from their own experiences.”

1. “Looking for Help” – 2022 – Acrylic on Canvas
2. “Lighting Lanes” – 2024 – Acrylic on Canvas and Yarn Knotted and Sewn in
3. “FNAF Four Windows” – 2024 – Acrylic on Canvas
4. “River of Silver” – 2024 – Acrylic on Canvas
5. “Sailing Away” – 2022 – Acrylic on Wood
6. “Waves on the Sand” – 2024 – Acrylic on Canvas

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