Respect for Life

Jarred Marugg

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Life: a great mystery, joy, and journey. Each life holds great dignity, value, treasure, and is worth living. Human life in the womb is particularly unique with scientific study showing brain wave activity in the first six weeks of gestation and a heart beat after only 18 days. It is no wonder that scientists refer to conception as the beginning of life.

It is not my intent to deprive women of rights; however it is my duty as a U.S. citizen to ensure that everyone is given the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. During World War II, many citizens made great sacrifices to end the injustices of the Holocaust. The argument that children still in the womb are not fully human or entitled to the same rights and benefits as someone who has been born bears a strikingly similar tone to that of ideologies towards the Jewish race in Nazi Germany. As history has shown many times, viewing individuals as sub-human leads to discrimination. Commonly referred to as America’s Holocaust, abortion has ended over three times as many lives as the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. While it is still ongoing, abortion is preventable.

What are some basic things we can do, right here in Platteville, to promote greater respect for life? First, encourage a respect for life in all forms. Second, offer support to women undergoing pregnancies during difficult times. Incredible displays of courage, sacrifice, and devotion are necessary of women during and after pregnancies. Third, stay politically informed and active. Finally, utilize local resources. The Pregnancy Helpline in Platteville ( strives to “help not hassle” women who are or might be facing pregnancy as well as new mothers.

Regardless of our race, creed, or gender, it is our duty to respect life!

-Jared Marugg

Senior civil engineering

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