LTE – Ebony Weekend

Deirdre Dalsing, Director, UW-P Counseling Services

Congratulations to Brittany Walker and all the officers of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Black Student Union.

Their efforts to make the ninth annual Ebony Weekend one to remember was certainly achieved.

As a participant, it was more than obvious that Jeremy Payne, Ebony Weekend conference director, and his support team offered more than enough opportunity for this campus community to expand their knowledge and awareness of issues specific to the lives of our non-majority students.

The number of presentations far exceeded my expectations.

The breadth of diverse and engaging presentations made choosing one session very hard.

While I was unable to participate in the full event, I took away a heartfelt enthusiasm and life-affirming message after having the privilege of hearing both Vanessa German and Senator Lena Taylor.

Thank you again for your hard work and efforts at increasing the message of diversity on our campus.

Deirdre Dalsing

Director, University of Wisconsin-Platteville Counseling Services