2012 celebrates lighting of the ‘M’ tradition

To bring a bright end to the 2012 Homecoming celebrations, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville set off the traditional Lighting of the “M” and fireworks presentation on Oct. 20. for to this year’s homecoming festivities.

“Attending the lighting of “M” really gave me a sense of belonging and was an awesome event to help me get out and meet new people,” said Alison Huber, junior criminal justice major and transfer student. “It really gave me a positive start to my year at UWP.”

The lighting of the “M” is a homecoming tradition at UW-Platteville that has been bringing students, faculty and alumni together for 75 years. The “M” has been a signature icon for UW-Platteville, as it is the symbol that was selected for the School of Mining at the university. The “M” tradition began on homecoming night of October 16, 1937 and continues to this day to be a symbol of the university’s engineering department.

This year’s homecoming tradition brought in hundreds of admirers and was no doubt a success. “I didn’t really know what to expect”, said Renee Ludwig, freshman biology major. “I had only seen pictures in the past but it was really cool. I would definitely go next year.”

Attendees of all ages gathered around the road and at the base of the “M” anxiously waiting for the illuminated display.  The UW-Platteville band attended the lighting and played the universities school song in high spirits along with many other pieces before the “M” was lit. As the school song concluded the “M” was lit and the ceremony proceeded along with fireworks to accompany the elaborate tradition for all of Platteville to enjoy.

Among the happily attended crowd was Greg Bielak, a junior electrical engineer said, “the lighting ceremony was a warm atmosphere filled with a sense of completion after a long homecoming week for some.”