2012 Homecoming King and Queen, Tyler Fisher and Emily Gartland represent UWP

Alyssa Bloechl, Student Life Editor

During homecoming week, two student leaders had a taste of what it means to be royalty, University of Wisconsin-Platteville style. On Oct. 18, Emily Gartland and Tyler Fisher were crowned the UW-Platteville Homecoming Queen and King.

Gartland, a senior biology and pre-physical therapy major from Janesville, did a double take at the cheering crowd because she could not believe she had won.

“There was a second there that I wanted to cry,” Gartland said.  “Then I smiled and instantly wanted to call my mom.”

Fisher, a senior business marketing major from Rock Island, Ill., recalled the experience of becoming king as the highlight of a long and rewarding process.

“My parents drove up to surprise me for the weekend,” Fisher said.  “All I did was look right to them and smiled for the rest of the night.”

Both Gartland and Fisher said the week was one they will never forget.  All the members of the court had the opportunity to interact with each other and the rest of the campus in a unique way.  The members of the court see homecoming as something new and exciting because of their positions.

“I had this role-model feeling,” Fisher said.  “It reminded me that we’re here because of what we have done already. Our peers voted for us because of where we were before.”

“Being nominated by my sorority (Kappa Alpha Sigma) was an honor,” Gartland said.  “It was great for me to represent Greek Life in a positive way.”

The king and queen are not only well-known members of the student body because they know a lot of people, but also because they are involved in multiple campus jobs and activities.  Fisher is currently a senior assistant in Brockert Hall, a member of Students Promoting Respect, Student Ambassadors, National Residence Hall Honorary, and a co-instructor for a first year experience class.  Gartland is the vice president of Kappa Alpha Sigma, on the United Greek Council executive board, a peer advisor, an Oh Snap! representative, a student athletic trainer for UW-Platteville football and a Zumba instructor.

The pair also said even though they thought this year’s court was a great representation of UW-Platteville’s leaders, there are many more students who could have been on court.

“I felt honored to be on court, and there was a good taste of our current student leaders,” Gartland said.  “But I honestly know that there are many more students who fit the role of representing campus.”

For 2012’s king and queen, this year’s homecoming experience could not have been a more exciting and fun-filled experience.  They agreed the best advice for next year’s Homecoming Court members is to enjoy every second, stay connected to the organization they are representing and keep smiling.

Gartland plans to graduate in the Fall of 2013 and go on to graduate school for physical therapy, and Fisher plans to graduate in the Spring of 2013 to become a hall director and attend graduate school for student affairs.