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Comedian Draws mixed reactions

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Jamie Lee’s performance at the Markee Pioneer Student Center Saturday night received mixed reviews.

Lee, a Texas native, began her rise to fame when she became a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Lee has since then relocated to New York City and is now best known for her appearances on hit MTV programs such as Rob Dyrdek’s “Ridiculousness” and “Girl Code.”

She began with a funny bit from her past to get the crowd warmed up.

“I’m from Texas. I lost my accent to my speech therapist, just like my virginity,” Lee said. “My accent only comes out when I’m drunk. Suddenly I’m talking in a southern drawl.”

Prior to the show, audience members were asked to write down questions they wanted Lee to answer. Attendees were encouraged to construct their questions without a sensor and to ask any question that they pleased.

One audience member asked if Lee had ever milked a cow. Having lived in Texas, Lee replied, “I actually have, believe it or not, but I mean, how many of you have really ever milked a cow?”

The crowd began mumbling, explaining that about half the audience has milked a cow plenty of times before.

“I felt like she was rather unprepared, didn’t have much material and seemed to use the audience questions as a crutch,” Andrew Sedwick, junior graphic design major, said.

Lee’s show continued to bring up adult humor. One topic in particular that got attendees’ attention was the size of her ex-boyfriend’s private parts.

The jokes kept coming for nearly forty-five minutes. Lee grabbed the crowd’s attention during the middle of the show by poking fun at her family and their Jewish heritage. She also joked that she wasn’t actually an only child because her parents have a house crawling with cats.

“I thought she was funny with her dry sense of humor; CPR did an awesome job planning this event,” Jim Stock, junior Business Administration major, said.

Other students had differing opinions.

“She was a hit and miss for me,” Logan Noe, junior psychology major, said. “She was really funny at times, then there were long periods where she was just kind of talking to us.”

Similarly, Sedwick commented, criticizing her range of topics.

“She had some funny moments, but I could barely understand her most of the time,” Sedwick said. “Most of the questions were sex related, which I suppose makes sense because she is on Girl Code, but she probably got the image in her head that UW-Platteville is a bunch of sex addicts.”

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Comedian Draws mixed reactions