University prepares for Homecoming Week 2014

Sara Myers, General Staff

Homecoming week is a time for students, alumni and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to come together and celebrate. This year Homecoming Week is Oct. 5 through Oct. 11. This year’s theme is “UW-Platteville Goes to Hollywood.”

One new event this year is Hunger Games Dodgeball.

“We’ve already randomly selected the ‘tributes’ from each group that have registered for this event. We rolled some dice and that’s how we picked the tributes,” Samantha Way, junior media studies major and  event producer for Campus Programming and Relations said.

“Then we have our red carpet banner ceremony, so each organization makes a banner,” Way said.

“Something people have done, for example, is Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or the Haunted Mansion,” Way said.

During the rest of the week there are also many other events to attend or take part in.

The tug of war event at Memorial Park, “This Means Tug of War,” featured a mud pit.

“Our different groups for the decorating committees are working on brainstorming ideas, preparing the decorations and getting everything ready,” Betsy Heidt, junior media studies major and Program Director at WSUP said. “The Radio Station is doing combined efforts with the Exponent and TV 5 this year.”

It’s a new partnership, and something different this year for the station.

The station’s theme this year is “War of the Worlds,” and Heidt has high hopes for this homecoming going well.

“We’re trying to go all out since it’s the 50th anniversary of the station, as well as get the football game on the radio, hopefully,” Heidt said.

Dan Denneau, senior accounting major and Vice President of Finance for fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma, is preparing for the upcoming homecoming events with her fraternity brothers.

“We spend all week building the float, rehearsing for the variety show and getting the frat house ready,” Denneau said.

Participating in homecoming events as part of a sorority or fraternity is very different from doing events with a residence hall.

“Dorms don’t have resources to do anything,” Dernieu said. “It’s all one big competition for Frats and Greeks, it’s all about bragging rights. It’s more about brothers bonding and having a good time.”

The full schedule of events can be seen at