Kid Ace impresses with illusions

Sara Myers, [email protected]

New York City’s David Boyd, better known as Kid Ace, came to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville on Oct. 9 to kick off homecoming week. Ace has performed for the likes of Seal, Madonna, Wyclef Jean and at over 60 universities.

For his first trick, Ace lit a fire which turned into two doves. He lit another fire which turned into a scarf, and then a dove came out of the scarf.

Ace then asked the audience if they owned an iPad or iPhone. He walked into the crowd and asked an audience member to think of their favorite song. He then asked them to repeat the hook of the song over and over in their mind. Then “It’s Raining Men” started playing over the speakers, which drew large laughter from the crowd because the audience member was a man.

Ace got the crowd involved again by bringing an audience member to the stage.

“I’d like to introduce you to ‘mic’,” he said. Ace asked the participant that if she had guests over at her home, what would be the first thing she’d do. She replied by stating she would let them pet her dog.  After another burst of laughter, Ace offered her a drink, which was what he wanted her answer to be to the question of what the first thing she would offer people when letting them into her home.

He then asked her to think about what her favorite drink was and she told him that it was red wine. After a moment, he grabbed a water bottle and began to pour the liquid into a wine glass and the liquid turned from plain water to red wine.

Ace then asked everyone to take a $1 bill out and fold it in half, quarters, eights and then sixteenths. He brought another audience member to the stage and proceeded to say “DJ hit it” and started slowly taking off his jacket to the music. Ace then abruptly stopped and said, “It was only a dollar.” He then grabbed three oranges and broke one in half only to find a dollar in the middle of and the audience immediately broke out into applause. Ace then gave the broken orange to an audience member in the front row in order to confirm that it was a real orange.

Kid Ace then decided to draw a word on a dry erase board he had brought. He based the word off of the “audience’s vibes”. He gave the board to an audience member and instructed her to place it face down on her feet for the remainder of the show.

For his next trick, Ace took an empty Pepsi can and refilled it by using his mind. He then resealed it, opened it and poured the newly filled can of Pepsi into a glass. An audience member then drank it to confirm that it was indeed Pepsi.

Next the magician got out a deck of cards and brought yet another audience member to the stage. He asked her to pick a card and then put it in her pocket. However, the audience member was wearing a dress so she put the card in the neckline of her dress instead. The audience roared in laughter and the magician responded, “I don’t want to know where you put that.”

Ace then got out a sketch pad. He had the audience assistant send the image of her card to him telepathically. He ended up drawing the wrong card but then revealed the right card underneath that picture as the audience member was leaving the stage.

His next illusion involved cups and water. Ace put three cups on a table, one filled with water. He moved the cups around to see if members of the audience could correctly guess which cup had the water. After two audience members guessed correctly, Ace asked for the third time. This time the audience member guessed wrong, so he put all the cups upside down to show there was no water in the cups and it was all an illusion.

For his last trick Ace threw a ball around to different audience members. He threw the ball to multiple people until he picked one audience member and asked him to choose one of the two books he had. The audience member picked one of the books, after which Kid Ace invited him on stage. Once the member of the audience was on stage, he was asked how many pages the book had and to open it and pick a random page. The audience member opened to page 63. Ace had him pick a word from the page and the audience member said the word “direction”. Ace then asked the audience member that had the dry erase board from earlier to come to the stage. He revealed the dry erase board, which read 58/2. He then asked the audience member on stage to open the dictionary he handed to him to page 58 and go up two words. The audience member confirmed the word was direction and the entire crowd broke into applause.

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