Pioneers offered their hearts to the Red Cross

Blood drive brings students and community members together to help others.


Jacob Thomas photo University of Wisconsin-Platteville students pictured in Velzy Commons giving blood last week.

The American Red Cross states that nearly 6.8 million people provide blood donations every year. These donations go out to hospitals and research facilities around the United States and a single donation can save up to three lives. 

“The blood drive is very important. The units that were collected will be sent to our lab in Madison, and as soon as they are tested for types of diseases or illnesses, we will get them sent out to hospitals immediately,” account representative at the American Red Cross Nicole Miller said.

The American Red Cross came to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for the annual spring blood drive. UW-Platteville holds a blood drive every semester. The first is during the fall semester, and the second during the spring semester. UW-Platteville has held blood drives on campus since 1991. 

“There is a blood emergency right now, so every unit of blood that we collect during this blood drive will be on its way to a patient in need,” Miller said.

Many of the students who go to the blood drive are active members within the Platteville community. They are a part of clubs, Greek life or other organizations. The Platteville community also came to campus to volunteer. Those who donate their time hold donor’s hands, get snacks and water and help donors get from the donation bed to the recovery tables.

“It’s really nice to see everyone be able to donate and have positive vibes from everyone. Since I can’t donate currently, I want to help make it easier for those who can,” sophomore mechanical engineering major Jason Hackbarth said.

Something that is very important is the donation of double reds because nearly 36,000 red blood cells are needed in the United States daily. Those who were eligible were highly encouraged to donate double reds. 

Clayton Ottman, a Platteville resident, explained that he has been donating for many years and that he believes this was his twentieth donation. He donates blood because he enjoys helping others, and he likes the feeling he gets from knowing he is helping people.

The blood that was donated will not only help those who are in need of blood transfusions because of surgeries, but this blood with also be used to help battle diseases and illnesses.