West Lawn Earth Day Carnival

Campus showed support for Earth.


UW-Platteville Sustainability photo

Earth Day was celebrated last Monday, showcasing people’s love for nature. Every year the Green Campus Project helps campus celebrate this day by bringing together multiple clubs to participate in the Earth Day Carnival. Included within the carnival were pancakes, which were one ticket, and Green Campus Project t-shirts for five tickets. These tickets were handed out at the club tables that presented on Earth Day subjects.

“The Earth Day Carnival is Green Campus Project’s way to celebrate Earth Day every year. We invite other clubs to host a booth at our carnival that is somehow related to Earth Day, the environment or sustainability. We leave it pretty open for each of the clubs to choose what they want to do,” senior civil engineering major Rachel Bixler said.

Every year, the Earth Day Carnival grows in scale, and this year that growth increased because of newly elected GCP president Rachel Bixler.

“The most difficult thing for me was making sure that every job was covered. I was a little stressed beforehand because I didn’t know how many people would be there to show up to help set up and also to take down, which can be a difficult task for only a few people. Luckily, we had a ton of unexpected help and everything went super smooth,” Bixler said.

At the Earth Day Carnival, each club ran their own section of the carnival. The Association of Automotive Engineers set up a large solar panel and sold snow cones that were blended using solar electricity. The Horticulture Club gave away potted snap pea seeds and the Green Bandana Project gave away green bandanas for mental health awareness. The campus radio, WSUP-Platteville also hosted Earth Day trivia on behalf of GCP until the UW-Platteville marching band paraded down to the carnival.