Annual Horrific Crime Scene Revisited


UW-Platteville College of LAE photo

On Nov. 3 and 4, the Criminal Justice Association (CJA) hosted the ninth annual Horrific Crime Scene Revisited. This event invites the guests to experience what it is like to step into the shoes of a crime scene investigator arriving at the scene of a crime. Visitors are asked to observe and note evidence as they analyze the scene and piece together the clues to solve the case.

In the past, this event has been held at the Forensic Investigation Crime Scene House (FICSH). However, in an attempt to encourage more community involvement, the CJA teamed up with the owners of the Rountree Gallery on West Main Street to present the crime scene they titled the “Death of Fashion” by artist Lzada.

The scene featured Lzada, who appeared to have been murdered in the middle of his work. Guests would notice the paintings in the gallery were either destroyed or appeared to have been disturbed as many were tilted or sitting on the floor. 

Other pieces of evidence that could be noted included a text message from an unknown sender referring to drugs and money, the bodies of two men in the back that appeared to have been maintenance workers and a broken, bloody picture frame near the back entrance.

After visitors had experienced the scene, they were offered refreshments and treats which included cupcakes with white frosting that had strawberry syrup “blood”, or strawberry syrup, drizzled over them. Posters hung on the wall with the list of noted evidence, the background of the victims and the suspect in the case. When guests thought they had it figured out, they could compare their theory to the conclusion on the final poster near the refreshments.

Although the scene and scenario were alltogether fictional, the large, colorful paintings on the wall that had been disturbed were actually painted by Lzada (who is very much alive). The owners of the gallery explained that they were happy to have the chance to team up with CJA and offer their space for this event.