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Opinion: Five Albums You May Have Missed

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2023 has not been an astonishingly large year for music, even with huge name artists like Post Malone and Ed Sheeran releasing new albums to little reaction. Out of all genres, country music owns the charts.
That being said, this is also the first year I have truly been deep-diving into music (delivery driving offers a lot of listening time) and I have a lot of recommendations I want to share that you may not have heard of.
1. “Live at Bush Hall” by Black Country, New Road
The latest project from the critically beloved (and my personal favorite) band, “Live at Bush Hall” is BCNR’s first album without former lead singer Issac Wood, and they prove that their sound and talent is far from lost without him.
Boasting their classic ensemble of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, alto sax, violin, accordion, piano and most importantly, flute, BCNR is able to create another excellent listening experience unlike anything else I have heard before.
I would recommend this album to anyone who is into rock. If you end up liking it, I cannot recommend their previous album, “Ants from Up There,” enough.
2. “But Here We Are” by Foo Fighters
That is right, in the year 2023, hit 90s and 2000s rock band Foo Fighters has made an album I would consider one of my personal favorites of the year.
“But Here We Are” is the 11th studio album from the band, and (in my opinion) their first good one in quite a while. Following the death of the Foo Fighters’ long-time drummer Taylor Hawkins, as well as Dave Grohl’s mother, the album delves into themes of loss and death, enabling the band to capture their classic sound with a fresh, new spin.
If you do not like Foo Fighters, it is not different enough to be anything interesting, but it is new, essential listening not just for Foo Fighter fans, but rock heads in general.
3. “Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?” by McKinley Dixon
I will be the first to admit my knowledge about rap is not as large as it could (or should) be but this album is excellent. I have found I am a sucker for jazz-infused rap, and as the title suggests, this album is just that. Coming in at 28 minutes, it is an excellent, quick listen that at points has explosive bass and incredible backing instrumentals, alongside lyrics that are powerful and poignant. A strong recommendation to any and all rap fans.
4. “Wallsocket” by Underscores
By far the least welcoming of the five albums, this is an electronic rock/glitch pop/indie rock album that has moments of deep sincerity but also fun jams similar to those one would hear on a 100 Gecs album. This album is a genuine joy, with the last song being one of my favorites to come out this year. I ask you to keep an open mind with this one and give it a chance, for those who are into rock of all kinds.
5. “After the Magic” by Parannoul
The only foreign album on this list, this album comes in as what will possibly be my favorite of this year. “Full” is the best way to describe this Korean project, with a wall of sound oozing out of every moment on this album. This album is an all-out ear-pleaser from open to end, reminding me of a gorgeous night in a city. I would recommend this album to fans of lo-fi and instrumental music, as well as those looking for something to engage with both actively and passively.

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