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See Ya Later, Exponent

(pictured top to bottom, left to right) John Rodwell, Kaz Bresnan, Natalie Downie and Ethan Hack in 2023 at Late Night at the Markee

Hello, my beloved UW-Platteville campus and community, my current and past executive board, friends, family, Woodward Printing, Dr. Gillota, Sara Koeller and every person I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my time at UW-Platteville. Thank you for letting me serve you for the past three years as a volunteer, Chief Copy Editor and finally the Editor-in-Chief.
This is an abrupt ending for me as I graduate a tad bit early, but here I am writing the letter I have seen my friends in past years write upon their departure and it is now my time to do the same.
I found the Exponent at the Involvement Fair three weeks into my freshman year, to complete a requirement for a class. A part of this assignment had me attend a club meeting and the Exponent was the one that made the most sense because I was on my high school newspaper. Here I am three years later running the Exponent.
After being a volunteer, I stepped into the Chief Copy Editor position. In that position, I started the copy editing on Monday nights which cut two hours off our production night.
As Editor-in-Chief, pages were laid out after the business meeting to cut production time by another two hours. Now I can proudly say that my editors and I have been able to make it out of the office before 8 p.m. on Tuesday nights, instead of the 1 a.m. that was the norm during my first year. Though, without my editors and everyone’s amazing communication skills, it would not have been possible.
During my time at the Exponent, I started the Raven Revived in spring 2022, the creative works insert that happens once every semester. I have also reintroduced the Exponent to the Wisconsin Newspaper Association-Better Newspaper Collegiate Awards, something we had been inactive in for at least a decade. This year we secured two awards: first place in Feature Photography along with an honorable mention for our website.
During my time, there have been many people that deserve a thank you; they are the reason I have been able to provide you the paper every week.
John Rodwell was my first friend on campus, and the older brother I never had. We always held each other accountable during productions nights when it came to eating and became an unstoppable team. It was especially hard for me when it was time for John to step down, as it was difficult to fill his shoes and continue the huge strides he had made as Editor-in-Chief. John, I now will join you in retirement with Hawaiian shirts and Friday fish frys to reminisce on the good times we have had. From Batman impressions to sarcastic jabs at each other, thank you for everything you have done for me.
Ethan Hack (the first man), my favorite photographer, has made the biggest impression on me. Funny enough, during Ethan’s first production night he refused to give me a caption for his photo and I scolded him for the rest of the night, though that scolding turned into something beautiful. You have quite literally been my strongest supporter and voice of reason, thank you for never leaving.
My lovely Morgan Fuerstenberg, our past Chief Graphics Editor, thank you for being my fuel to continue what I have started and for always giving support after you had graduated. Your art is absolutely beautiful.
Veronica Hausser and I became friends instantly, always picking each other up throughout the endless twists in life. Veronica, I hope everything you are doing is worth your while because you deserve it. Thank you for always being there when I needed it most.
Jello Bautista, our past Circulation Manager, I miss our times in the office with the crying club, and even after you had transferred you have supported us endlessly. Thank you for being there for me bud (especially during the panic of filling in for the circulation manager after you had left).
Kaz B(r)esnan was a resident of mine during our sophomore year, and after finding out he was an English major I “strongly” encouraged him to join the Exponent, and he has stayed ever since. Kaz, my nepo-baby, thank you for taking over for me as Chief Copy Editor and now Editor-in-Chief and someone I could depend on, always. I know you will do amazing leading the Exponent, you know what it takes to run this thing and I whole heartedly believe you continue this legacy with grace.
Gabe, Nat and Abby, thank you for keeping up with me as I assumed my duty as Editor-in-Chief. You will all be amazing as you assume your positions for the next school year. I could not have done any of this without you.
Dr. Gillota, thank you for being there for the E-board and myself. You picked up the pieces when everything seemed to be crumbling right in front of me, so thank you again for helping us when we needed it the most. Thank you for believing in me that I could run the Exponent and having us truly be a student-run newspaper.
Sara Koeller, thank you for answering any and all of my constant questions. You have remained the backbone of the Exponent and I thank you for your knowledge that you have provided all of us. I am so grateful for all the complements on my new style of running the Exponent.
To my lovely people at Woodward Printing, thank you for dealing with my insecurities of being a first year Editor-in-Chief. Especially Angie and Cindy, the both of you are saints as you guided me through this year.
I started my newspaper career in high school, with a boost of confidence from my English teacher, Mr. Carter. This confidence booster (especially in English) was something I had never experienced before, so being able to know that someone believed in me and my abilities was something I had leaned on for years. He is the only reason why I have been able to find my place on this campus and been able to create this beautiful publication for you. Thank you, Mr. Carter, you will never understand how much I appreciated your belief that I could do something when I never thought I could.
And most of all, thank you Exponent, you have been there for me at my best and worst times and have never left me behind. You have brought me lifetime friendships and connections that I could not have made by myself.
Here I leave you, my beautiful publication. From having panic attacks watching Ethan and John spin-out on icy roads after an Exponent hangout, to music videos, to the office computers crashing in the middle of production night, to the first time I sat down at an Exponent computer I have never had a better time in my life. Making these years my “glory days,” that thing Bruce Springsteen talks about.
Sincerely with love always,
Natalie Downie
Retired Editor-in-Chief, Chief Copy Editor and volunteer

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