Dining Services offers blog, seeking student opinion

Being on a college campus does not always give someone the best food choices.

That is why the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has created a new health blog, allowing any UW-Platteville student to be open to sharing their own opinions about the health concerns regarding campus food.

This new blog also gives students the chance to learn of new things happening with the different dining services on campus.

Leann Duwe, Marketing Coordinator for Dining Services, said the main purpose of the health blog is for students to share healthy options available on campus along with the struggles of choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Dining Services hopes to show that it is not about the choice of food being healthy or unhealthy, but rather finding a balance between the two.

This blog gives students a glimpse into the lifestyle of some of the managers that work for Dining Services.

Duwe said some managers are more concerned with food choice while others are more concerned with physical activity when it comes to students staying healther.

With the dining facility planned for next year at Bridgeway Commons, managers will be discussing recipes to feature and are hoping to get student feedback on those ideas.

“Dining Services is hoping to demonstrate that students have a choice for themselves, and to have a better understanding of their relationship with food and how it makes them feel emotionally and physically,” Duwe said.

Doug Arnold, a student employee of Dining Services,  agreed that the blog will become an informative and helpful way for students to be able to interact with Dining Services on campus.

This blog is also hoping to help students with the transition of graduating college and having to fend for themselves. There are alumni that post on the blog and give their advice on how they manage challenges when it comes to nutrition, exercise and stress.

Duwe said that Dining Services hopes for the blog to be sustained by students in the future.

Active students on campus are capable of giving advice on leading a healthy lifestyle as a student and sharing it in a creative and  effective way to other students.

Having different perspectives from different points in college life would contribute well to all the different ways a student can live a healthy lifestyle while       attending college.

If any student would like to visit the blog and learn more, the web address is uwplattdining.wordpress.com.

Any student interested in becoming a blogger for Dining Services next fall, please contact Leann Duwe at [email protected]