Platteville named most exciting place to live

According to a recent poll conducted by The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, the metropolitan area of Platteville was recently named the most exciting place to live in the United States, because of its exciting nightlife, exquisite food option, entertainment and recreation and the most number of trucks per capita in the world.

With Platteville’s innovative nightlife with downtown bars such as Brothers, Players, Boondocks and the club called School Girlz (Yes it’s really spelt with a “Z” on the end), it makes sense that Platteville finished top in the country in nightlife. With our community eating options such as Jimmy John’s, fast food, and the variety of Mexican, Chinese and pizza places littered around town, it also makes sense that Platteville finished towards the top of the food rankings. Even with no variety in eating options, we still finished as the best. The entertainment and recreation around here is also unparalleled. With options like bowling, the bars, campus activities, and local sports, there is no place more exciting to be than in Platteville!

The rankings cite the local sports as one of the most exciting things around Platteville. Platteville has local powerhouse Division III programs at UW-Platteville. UW-Platteville athletics rivals that of Division I programs and also pro sports teams like FC Barcelona and the Green Bay Packers.

“I chose to go to school here because I heard about the exciting nightlife that accompanies university life in Platteville” ninth year senior Brock Lee said. “It’s also one of the reasons I believe myself to be a ninth-year senior. I just keep partying and never go to class because the town is so exciting.”

Another area where Platteville outpaced everywhere else in the world was the number of trucks per capita. Platteville has an astounding three trucks per capita. “It’s probably what were most proud of,” mayor Bo Ryan said. Platteville also came in first for loudest trucks.

Some of the areas where Platteville did not rank very well was in traffic, lack of more Kwik Trips, overpopulation and urbanization. So clearly there are still things that Platteville can improve on compared to some of the other cities on the list. Part of the overpopulation problem stems from the influx of people coming to live here from Madison and Chicago and then the casual weekenders that come for the nightlife and food.

When asked in a survey, “What is the thing you most miss that Platteville doesn’t have?” Ninety-seven percent of respondents said that they missed Target the most. Due to there not being a Target in Platteville, we have to go to Walmart.

Coming in after Platteville in the rankings was International Falls, MN; Death Valley, CA and Omaha, NE.