The Giver, a novel idea

It is unusual that one would hear a book being read aloud past primary school age or without earphones via the way of Audible or audio books. You would go into a library or during an exam hear people quietly murmur to themselves because we’ve all been told to “read it aloud in your head” or “quiet it down so you don’t bother others.” On the south side of Boebel on Friday, Oct. 27 if you wandered there during the afternoon, you would hear words being spoken, almost like a spell. ‘Tis the season for bewitching, people would wander to figure out what was happening, pretend they couldn’t hear anything, or think you were crazy and keep moving on. I mean, you people have choices. What did you choose? If you chose to follow your curiosity, wander towards the sound and then you would see a chair, reminisce of younger happier days where Storytime was prominent, hand-in-hand with nap time. The chair seemed comfy, with blankets all about and a person perched in the center of the chair with a blanket wrapped around their legs to fend off the chill. Members of Sigma Tau Delta were hosting a read-a-thon for the book The Giver and all they were missing for story time was a fire. And small children surrounded the reading chair with eyes full of wonder and curiosity.