Chief in Editor’s suspected future lover?

Huck L. Berry’s investigation report on Anna Prentice’s secret admirer.

Huck L. Berry graphic

Huck L. Berry graphic

In Wisconsin University of Plattown, at the office of the Antagonist, they learned that the Chief in Editor has a secret admirer. The office was the first to discover this, and they decided to hire an investigator to find out who it was. 

The investigator was a trustable person; she had been working in the field for four years and, according to Joe Arper, Sawyer Investigations secretary, she had closed 47 cases. The detective’s name was Huck L. Berry. 

Berry walked into the Antagonist office and met with the Chief in Editor Anna Prentice. Berry and Prentice went over her schedule for classes and work so Berry could learn about the people who interact with Prentice. After learning about the MANY places Prentice frequented around campus, Berry decided to follow and note any possible suspects that could be the admirer. 

After studying and noticing common patterns with certain students not only in classes but with work, too, Berry decided she wanted to question the suspects. The same questions were asked to three students to thin the suspect list. The questions asked were common, such as “Do you know Prentice?” “How often do you see and talk to her?” “How do you feel about her?” After Berry questioned the suspects, she and Arper started to eliminate and conclude motives of each suspect.

Interrogation number one: “Suspect’s name: Jimmy Shimmy. Shimmy is an English major who has three shared classes with the Chief in Editor, Prentice. He became a suspect because Berry caught him staring at Prentice while in class.” 

While questioning Shimmy about Prentice, Berry learned that Shimmy didn’t have a fondness to Prentice but, instead, to another girl who was also in the same classes as Prentice. Shimmy would always sit behind Prentice making it seem like he was eyeing her. So, Shimmy was erased from the list. 

Interrogation number two: “Suspect’s name: Eron Fire. Fire is an English major as well. He became part of this list because, while scanning students in Prentice’s classes, Fire was caught eyeing Prentice multiple times. 

After questioning Fire about Prentice and revisiting why he became part of the list, Arper and Berry concluded Fire was not into Prentice in any way but is a cheater and was eyeing Prentice because of a worksheet she had during class. So, Fire was botched from the list. 

Interrogation number three: “Suspect’s name: Ben Anas. Anas is an English major and is a co-worker with Prentice for the Antagonist. So, not only do they see each other in class but almost every day at work, too. He had been crossed off the list after he questioned Berry about why he was there. After Berry explained to Anas, he explained he had a girlfriend and that he wanted to leave. 

After interviewing the three main suspects, Berry concluded that she is a terrible detective, and that she has no idea what she is doing.