Student finds piles of rocks in their shoes

Campus uses gravel instead of sand because aparently that is better……..

Huck L. Berry graphic

Huck L. Berry graphic

This year’s winter was rough; Platteville faced record-breaking wind chills and classes were cancelled from Tuesday afternoon all the way to Friday. The rest of the winter was filled with nothing except extreme winds and icy paths. Those icy paths made the trek to classes nearly impossible and lethal because you were literally walking on a path filled with banana peels!

Due to not having enough salt, Platteville’s finest gravel was used because it would add traction to prevent pedestrians from slipping! It transformed from being to a literal slip and slide into a messy class.

If one were to wear white shoes before they had classes, it was guaranteed that when they came back from classes, their shoes would be musty brown and they would have little pebbles on the bottom of their shoes and possibly inside their shoes! Now where do these pebbles from the gravel go you may ask? Well, when that person takes off their shoes once they are in their residence hall, apartment, or house, those pesky pebbles fall onto the carpets or floor, becoming another nuisance until they are vacuumed or swept away! The left over pebbles in shoes become the equivalent of stepping on a LEGO! There has been several foot amputations according to student health services.

But believe it or not, there is one individual who is fortunate enough not to experience that dreadful pain that is having gravel inside and on the bottom of their shoe! That individual’s name is Pete Ligma! He wants to share with students on campus on how he avoids slipping on ice and going out in the gravel-filled paths!

“It’s simple, all ya gotta do, is not go to class and you won’t experience that at all!” Explained Pete when asked how he avoids getting gravel in his shoes. 

“The only thing that it hurts is your GPA, but that is a much better thing to suffer through instead of risking the potential of slipping outside or getting gravel in my shoes or in my res hall!” 

“It is also for the greater good because my roommate won’t hurt himself because of me due to me not bringing in gravel like he does!” Added Pete.

There you have it folks, now you have the information you need to avoid walking outside in the winter and getting gravel in your shoes!