[email protected] rolls out third website

The cure to all your dot-thingy woes is finally here

Due to the unprecedented, never before seen size and amount of feedback on the new campus-dot website, the university’s brilliant Marketing and IT staff have announced a major development.   [email protected] is gonna roll out a third web site!

“The new campus-dot website is getting tons of attention,” thus spoketh [email protected] Marketing Viceroy Philologist Edsel Ford.  “We were a little worried about the acceptance of the new campus-dot thingy.  That’s because we tried it because everyone else is doing it. That is, BTW, a pretty solid basis for doing something.”

The new campus-dot web site launched on April 1st.  Since then, many really important and well – attended AND productive meetings have been held in response to the reaction to the university’s new user-friendly campus-dot site.

MVP Ford sez, “Instead of being an incompetent copycat, we truly wanna be a leader with technology. Technology, like the internet and VHS, is important these daze. We figure our best guess is the new third site will launch Dec. 25.  Presents for everybody!”

At this point in time, no one seems to know what’s going to be on the new third website.  MVP Ford hinted that rich donors are going to wuvs it much.

Beginning Dec. 25, everyone in America can surf the World Wide Web (www) and type into their URL box uwplatt.edu, campus.uwplatt.edu and the new third one, FUBAR.uwplatt.edu.