Ghosts Gone Wild

With the students being sent away from campus for the rest of the semester, it has left a lot of free time for the students and staff who can never leave campus. The ghosts who normally roam the halls of campus scaring, creeping and pranking the students have had to revert to other things to keep them preoccupied.

Pickles McGee, a freshman majoring in underwater basket weaving, who went back to campus to pick up the pencil they left behind said, “There are ghosts everywhere. You can literally smell the death in the air. They don’t even try to scare me anymore. They just float on by like they can’t even see me!”

The campus ghosts are notorious for sticking to their dark corners and outside the graveyard, but now they are coming out in broad day light. Living staff even say that the ghosts have tried having conversations with the living because there is nothing else for them to do.

“Oh yes darling, the other, you know, extra nontraditional students on campus are feeling awfully lonely now that our flesh-friends have vacated. It’s like our flesh-friends didn’t live through the black plague like the rest of us here. We have had to resort to different ways to keep us preoccupied now. My friend, Polly Guist now enjoys long floats out by the graveyard at noon instead of at midnight. This has really given the paranormal community on campus a chance to stretch out our ectoplasm and do things we’ve never had the chance to do before. I personally am taking this opportunity to learn how something called a cellphone works,” said forever senior, Mary Bloody.

The ghostly community has even created their own intramural sports team since they have had the campus to themselves. They created two teams: The Bloodies and the Diseased teams play weekly games of volleyball, baseball and they have even decided to create a bowling league.

“Yes! We love playing the different sports that we haven’t had the chance to play since we were humans. Team Bloodies and Team Diseased now have a friendly competition on which team is better. We also love that most of us aren’t forced back to the graveyard during the days. We finally have the freedom we’ve wanted for decades,” said Headless Harry.

Not all of the ghosts are so happy about the student’s departure from campus though. The Wailing Ladies club president explained that they cry more then they did before now that the students are gone. The residence hall basements feel so much emptier and the wails just echo through the whole building, scaring no one.

Regardless of the emptiness of the campus, all the ghosts are looking forward to welcoming the students back in the fall with a great big scare.