Doki Doki Newspaper Club


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When I moved to Platteville, I left my childhood friends behind. My friend and I used to walk to school together every day and that is the thing that I miss the most. Luckily, I made a new friend when I got to UW-Platteville, Peanutbutter Jones. He invited me to come with him to his after-school club, the Exponent.

My first trip to the Exponent office was very overwhelming. People were all talking, reading, and someone even was making tea. Once I got settled in, things seemed to settle down for me. We do a lot of reading during Production Night, and generally have good fun.  

Since Peanutbutter Jones got elected to the Editor-in-chief, he has been working extra hard to keep the Exponent in tip-top shape for the general population of Platteville. This includes encouraging more reading for the members of the newspaper, as well as making sure that members are also writing their own articles. Peanutbutter Jones knows that there is an upcoming festival, and if all of our members submit their articles they have written, we will be able to showcase our great work.  

We already have the peak setup. Two of our members work closely together while reading and writing, usually drinking tea while doing so. Other members of the Exponent are scattered around the office, eating cupcakes and reading and writing. I can tell that the festival is coming up soon; Peanutbutter Jones made the tea-drinking pair stay at the office over the weekend.  

We have tons of fun during Production Night at the Exponent. There is something to do for everyone, and people get along with each other. Having published work in the paper at Peanutbutter Jones’s encouragement, I feel accomplished with myself and my involvement in this organization.