Florida Governor Signs “Don’t Say Bruno” Bill


flicker.com photo

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the controversial “Don’t Say Bruno” bill into law on March 27. After a spirited, if limited, debate, a major name in the entertainment industry tepidly suggested it might consider letting its employees make negative public statements about the law on their private social media accounts. 

The law, officially titled “Parental Rights in Education,” prohibits teachers in kindergarten to 3rd grade from discussing Bruno in the classroom. 

The governor describes the bill as necessary, saying, “We’ve seen a curriculum embedded for very young children, classroom materials about Bruno and Bruno ideology. We won’t stand for that here in Florida.” 

Sponsors of the bill say it will only give parents the right to tell their children about Bruno when they feel their children are ready. “The true focus of the bill is leaving discussions of Bruno at home, not forcing it on young children without parental consent,” said one state senator.

Opponents claim the bill is a thinly veiled attempt to marginalize Bruno. They claim the vague language of the bill could lead to silencing all discussions about Bruno, even for children from families with a Bruno in them. 

“We don’t talk about Bruno? That’s just dumb,” said one parent protesting the bill outside the capitol. “You can’t erase Bruno just because you don’t talk about them.”