Riddles Galore! Bring it, Batboy!


So, Batboy, you think you can outsmart me, the Riddy Riddle Man, so easily? Well, detective, I’ve thrown the gauntlet down for you. Try to keep up.  

“Give it to a friend and you’re a saint, show it in poker and you’ll feel faint.”

That was a good warmup, hm? I wrote that when I was seven. No doubt it has taken you and your cronies to reach the same logical conclusion as I did. 

“This answer is a number

Equal in parts of value and letters.”

It’s everywhere! See?

“The rhythm of a heart,”

“Plastic money on the go,”

“Inanimate patience.”

Certainly your head aches and your ears ring from the earth-shattering intricacy that some of my simplest riddles provide!

“Confusing mysteries leap abound, this given tool helps the answer be found. Find its location using the letter scramble or find yourself caught in my bramble.”

No worries, my bat-freak companion. I’ve taken the liberty to spell it out using NOT the other answers you’ve discovered.

Surely, after that, you’ve collected six words, detective? Use them if you can to solve my final question: