Starlight Coca-Cola Review


Pioneer Bob graphic

The newest addition to the Coca-Cola family is the Limited-Edition Starlight Coke. This space-flavored soda is the marvelous 7th wonder of the world (the Colosseum is not included, because Italy is not real).  

First off, the color of Starlight is red, see-through amber liquid in a beautiful, decorated can. The can is dipped in a pink Milky Way reflected in water. I imagine this drink fuels the Guardians of the Galaxy and is available at the local galaxy diner. The McDonald’s in space probably has this pink, euphoric galaxy drink, Starlight, as the most popular drink, is offered for a mere alien quarter when we humans must pay $2.33 at Walmart to drink this heavenly liquid. 

Besides the amazing appearance of this can, the taste is far superior. The regular Coca-Cola was deeply kissed by Dr. Pepper and this new Starlight flavor tastes just like that. Dr. Pepper is very underrated and I feel as if this Starlight does not get all the light it deserves. The flavor washes over your tongue, further creating an experience that is out of this world. The taste is as if Elon Musk went to space and bottled up stardust.  

Run while you still can to this limited-edition item. 

10/10 would taste again.