The Death of Detail


The Antagonist/Butternut Squash

“Quality over quantity,” is your grandpa’s saying. Out with the old, in with the new! And minimalism
is in! Don’t you want to be like
everyone else? Follow the trends, be stylish. Everything from your car, to your house, to the clothes you put on your body. Busy patterns, unnecessary textures, bright colors– they’re all too busy. Here, we are all about smooth, sleek and monochrome.

Think of all the money you’ll save when you switch to efficient means of buying furniture! Odds and ends, appliances! All produced so fast and perfect that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Take an old staircase for example. Intricately carved with ornate spirals and bells for no reason. Now, trade that for a smooth, plaster wall. Everything can go from unique, funny little designs that take months to create, into shapeless blobs without anyone even trying.

Trade your hand-painted portraits of lush green landscapes and walking lovers for new, abstract shapes. What is it? I can’t tell. But it’s chic! Clear your counters, empty your gardens, use white paint, rectangle sofas, cabinets so smooth you can’t tell where the doors end and the wall begins. Can’t you picture the perfect modern look?

The sameness in houses prevents your neighbors from being jealous. Gingerbread trim is for dessert, not homes. New cars that look like spaceships can hurtle you faster from one concrete corporate mansion to the other, grey blurs streaking down the highway. An industrial paradise!

We love minimalism! The lack of character is so charming. Details are so hard on the eyes. Not to mention time consuming to create. Gaze from your large, clear windows of your perfectly uncharacterized home into the slate blur of today and the future. Efficiency is key, trends move fast, and so should you.