Steve’s Pizza trivia night success

Music played and excitement grew as people gathered for Trivia Night at Steve’s Pizza Palace Thursday, September 20. This free, bi-weekly event allows people to test their knowledge on a wide array of topics.

The crowd filled one room of Steve’s, but co-owner John Patakos expects it to grow as word spreads.

“We usually end up with about 100 people here, but sometimes the crowd can reach around 130,” Patakos said. “Probably 75 to 80 percent of them are regulars for trivia night.”

Because Steve’s is classified as a restaurant, people of all ages are welcome at Trivia Night. Groups are encouraged to bring a diverse range of people.

“You want to choose who you bring carefully,” Patakos said. “It helps to have people of different ages on the team. That way, you can cover questions everywhere from old sound bytes to new cartoons.”

Patakos and co-owner Katherine Zaimes decided to hold trivia nights after speaking with Bob Slattery of Fun-N-Games Company. Slattery has been running trivia nights for about four years and researches the questions himself.

“The crowd’s reaction to the answers is one of my favorite parts,” said Slattery. “Hearing their cheers or jeers makes me feel like a comedian.”

All answers are written down at the tables and turned in at the end of each round. This lowers confusion and gives less outspoken or shy people the same chance as the boisterous ones.

“It’s team-based trivia, so people can participate from the comfort of their own table,” Slattery said.

Teams include six to 10 people, but small groups and individuals can participate in Trivia Night by joining with others.

“My friend and I just came in and joined a team,” said junior education major Marit Serigstad. “I love it. I will be here every other Thursday.”

According to Patakos, one of the best parts of Trivia Night is the family-like atmosphere.

“The teams always try to tease and outdo each other,” said Patakos. “The names they come up with are a lot of fun.”

The top three teams of the night win prizes ranging from a $25 gift certificate to coupons for free food or beer for those of legal age.