Megan’s Recipe Corner: Halloween Bark


48 oz. chocolate or white chocolate flavored almond bark

4 cups pretzel sticks

4 oz. chocolate candies

Halloween colored sprinkles

Candy corn


Cover the bottom of an 11” by 17” cookie sheet with wax paper.  If you coat the pan with cooking spray first, the wax paper will stick to the bottom more efficiently.  Next, melt the almond bark in a large bowl in the microwave for 90 seconds.  As you are waiting, spread the pretzel sticks and chocolate candies evenly across the pan.  Check the almond bark; melt at 15 second intervals until completely melted.  Once the almond bark has finished melting, coat the top of the pretzel stick and chocolate candies with the melted almond bark.  Finally, apply sprinkles and candy corn to make it festive for Halloween!

Fun Variations: Use crushed Oreo cookies as your base and coat it with chocolate flavored almond bark. Use Halloween shaped cookie cutters to form festive shapes out of your bark.

Tip: Combine the leftover pretzels, chocolate candies, and candy corn to make a trail mix to snack on all week!