Fall 2012 graduates prepare for commencement

Six hundred and two University of Wisconsin-Platteville students will graduate at the 2012 fall commencement on Dec. 15 in the Williams Fieldhouse gymnasium.  There will be two ceremonies, the first at 9 a.m. and the second at 2 p.m.

The students are broken up into four categories: the College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture with 235 students, the College of Language Arts and Education with 154 students, the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science with 121 students and 92 graduate students.

David Kieckhafer, the UW-Platteville registrar, is in charge of school records, serves on the commencement committee and is the name reader at the commencement.

“I enjoy freshman orientation day,” Kieckhafer said.  “I visit new freshman, and it’s rewarding reading the names at commencement and being able to recognize some of the students.”

Tony Isabell, program supervisor for custodial services, and crew also play an important role in commencement.  Isabell works about 80 extra hours during commencement preparation.

The custodial services crew, which includes about 30 people, start two weeks before commencement day and lay down tarps, pull out bleachers and ensure chairs and flags are in place.  Isabell also ensures the area is clean and talks to others about what needs to go where.

Isabell said his favorite part of the job is watching the commencement run smoothly.

Erin Walsh will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in biology with a bio-health and physiology emphasis.

“Well, in the short term, I have been doing a lot of finishing up (like) tests, papers, projects and other things I need to complete for my classes,” Walsh said.  “In the long term, which is weird to think about, I have worked on improving myself.  The past two and a half years I have focused on improving my grades and making myself more marketable after graduation.”

Walsh’s plan is to go to graduate school for Nursing at Loyola in Chicago.

“I’m excited to continue my education there and eventually get out into the real world,” Walsh said.

Walsh said she will miss her friends, teammates and the good times she has had at UW-Platteville.

Mark Ciszewski, a business major with an emphasis in sales and international business, is also graduating.  To prepare for graduation, Ciszewski turned in his intent to graduate form last spring, met with his advisor, stopped in the Career Center one last time to make sure his resume is in good condition and made sure his Pioneer Career Network account is running for employers to look at.

“I have really had a great experience here at Platteville; each year seems to me, more fun than the last,” said Ciszewski.

Ciszewski said he plans to move back to the Milwaukee area or wherever he can find a job in technical sales after graduation.

“I really wish I didn’t have to leave, failing a few classes or picking up another major has definitely crossed my mind,” Ciszewski said.  “I know I have it good right now, but I realize all good things must come to an end sometime.”

Congratulations to the UW-Platteville graduating class of Fall 2012.