Students read creative writing

University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Afternoon Tea Sessions are a time when students and staff can meet up and share their most recent creative writing work.  These sessions take place on the first Wednesday of every month in room 317 of Warner Hall.

“It’s a place to show creative works,” session host Tony Busha said.  “It’s non-stressful, a fun time, and is a positive and comfortable environment.”

Everyone is invited to share their work.  Tea, coffee and deserts are available for snacking.

Betsy Heidt, a freshman at UW-Platteville, said she got involved with the tea sessions through her first semester composition class.

“It’s a close community and a non-judgmental environment,” Heidt said.  “It also helps a lot with stage fright.”

Different forms of writings are shared at the tea session ranging from meaningful poems to comical short stories.

“I like everything people share because it’s their own take on life,” Heidt said.

The next Afternoon Tea Session will be held May 1.  For more information, please contact assistant professor Kara Candito at [email protected]