Car enthusiasts cruise into spring

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Automotive Enthusiasts Club held a car show on May 4 at Country Kitchen in Platteville.

Approximately 40 active members in the club brought their cars to the show. Most of the cars are ones club members drive on a regular basis but were all cleaned and placed on display for the public.  All car owners displayed freshly-cleaned engines at the show.  Most of the cars belong to members of the club, but there were also cars from Platteville residents and from outside of Platteville as well.

Dallas Seevers, vice president of the Automotive Enthusiasts Club and senior industrial technological management major, said he works on his car at least 40 hours a week year round.  Seevers compared working on his car to having a full time job.

There was a wide variety of cars on display, including a mid-1980s Pontiac Firebird the club has been working on as a project. The Firebird is not street legal, so it is trailered to the club’s events.  The club has raced the Firebird throughout the year and worked on it at their weekly meetings, according to Seevers.

Jeremy Kinderman, president of the Automotive Enthusiasts Club and senior industrial technological major, said they have members with interests in cars, motorcycles, off-roading, drag strip racing and autocross.

The show is held twice a year each semester at Country Kitchen since the restaurant is one of the main sponsors of the club.  The club uses Facebook to let members and the community know about the club events.

Membership in the club has doubled to 40 in the last year.  According to Tom Krenz, a senior industrial technological management major and club member, anyone interested in the club is welcome to join.

“It’s a great way to be able to work on cars and show your enthusiasm for everything related to automotives,” Krenz said.

The club holds weekly meetings at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays in the computer lab of Engineering Hall.