Saxophonist performs Spanish piece with Chamber Ensemble

The Center for the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville welcomed saxophonist Marco Albonetti and an accompanying chamber music ensemble to perform Albonetti’s most recent project “Terra Madre” which translates to “Mother Earth” in Spanish.

The group played a variety of songs stemming from various ethnic backgrounds from nine different countries. Most of the pieces began with a solo by Albonetti and led into the rest of the band joining in.

Sophomore music education major Mary Arnold said she was excited for the show because she primarily plays the saxophone.

“I had heard that Marco Albonetti was an amazing saxophonist, and I did believe it, but I didn’t expect him to be that extremely good,” Arnold said. “Overall, it was just so fun to listen to in the audience.”

Allen Cordingley, professor of music for the performing and visual arts, was taught by Albonetti when he studied at Lawrence University.

CFA Director Michael Brightner said that connections like the one between Cordingley and Albonetti could be especially helpful in choosing guests for the Performing Arts series.

“Really, (students who have not been to a Performing Arts Series show) are missing something special, because UW-Platteville has the ability to combine with other universities to afford such acts,”

Brightner said. “They probably wouldn’t come to Platteville otherwise.”

Brightner said he aims to have something unique and new in the series each year.

Freshmen criminal justice major Megan VanCamp went to the show for her Music Appreciation class.

“I usually listen to country music, but the show exceeded my expectations,” VanCamp said. “I ended up really enjoying the show.”

Sean Garde had the opportunity to meet with Albonetti one-on-one prior to his recital Oct. 22.

“It was a really unique experience to see how phenomenal he was and his great attention to detail and sound quality,” Garde said.

The next Performing Arts Series event will feature Mezzo-Soprano Laurie Rubin on Oct. 30.