Police Report 5-08-10

Colten Bartholomew, Web Editor

April 29

Jessa C. Pierce, 20, Platteville, was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign.

April 30

Misty D. Hodge, 46, Platteville, will be cited for retail theft from Sun Tan City.

Lewis J. Pulliam, 35, Platteville, was arrested on a valid arrest warrant from Grant County.

May 1

Jacob S. Adams, 20, Platteville, Matthew S. Selting, 19, Platteville, Miranda R. Hall, 18, Platteville, and Joette M. Horkan, 20, Platteville, were all cited for underage drinking, while Mitchell J. Wedig, 21, Platteville, and Sam E. Levoy, 22, Platteville, were cited for loud/unnecessary noise and being an adult permitting underage drinking. Officers were called to Wedig and Levoy’s residence for loud music and people coming in and out of the residence for an hour.

Erik P. Koch, 21, Plain, was cited for adult permitting underage drinking, and Zachary M. Koch, 18, Plain, was cited for underage present in a tavern and underage drinking at Down at the Boondocks after officers saw Koch in the beer garden area.

May 2

Brandyn D. Stapel, 22, Platteville, will be cited for disorderly conduct after an officer observed Stapel urinating in public.