Increase in enrollment affects add and drop fees

Lennie Ballosh

Fall 2014 is seeing a surge in enrollment, leaving continuing scholars and new students unable to obtain a seat their desired or required classes for their respective majors or general education requirements.

Starting September 16th, the Registar’s office will be charging students add and drop fees if they choose to change their schedule for this fall semester. These fees take affect after the tenth day, on the same day as the first due date for Fall 2014 bills.

If a student drops a class, he or she will be charged a $15 fee for dropping the course. If a student would like to add a class, a student will be charged $15 as well. This fee continues throughout the semester.

The add fee went into place 2 years ago due to an increase of added classes following the tenth day of the semester.

“It blocks other students from getting into those classes,” registrar David Kieckhafer said. “If someone is actively trying to get into the course, we do consider exceptions to [add fees].”

Jonathan Starnitcky, sophomore industrial technology management major, is one of the students who has been trying to get into Chemistry 1050 since before the semester started.

“I think they’re unethical because it’s another way the school can get money from students,” Starnitcky said.

Kieckhafer explained these fees cover for the staff who have to fill out additional paperwork for the Bureau of Education. He also explained the fees would only affect student loans if a student decided to go from full time status of 12 credits, to half time, which is below 12 credits.

Rylie Mason, a sophomore Industrial Engineering major believes the fees should be based on whether or not a class was added or dropped.

“I think the drop fee should be more and the add fee should be less or nonexistent,” Mason said.