Holiday Inn Express, renewed public library coming to Platteville in 2016

Every building, aside from the Platteville Public Library, on the library block will be demolished for the plan to make room for two new buildings and 97 parking spaces.
Buildings set for demolition include Southwest Academy of Ballet Arts, Bishop Block Apartments building, Neighborhood Health Partners clinic, Bruce Shanley Realty and three residential buildings.
Demolition will begin once all buildings are closed on, with construction slated to begin by Aug. 2015 and an occupancy goal set for July 2016.
The Neighborhood Health Partners clinic will relocate to the current library building. After renovation, the building will also house up to 1500 square feet of retail space.
“It will encompass the construction of two larger buildings: a 22,000 square foot public library as well as a 72-room Holiday Inn Express,” Platteville City Manager Larry Bierke said.
“The redevelopment plan will include more room for bookshelves, a 100-person meeting room and a conference room,” Platteville Public Library Director Jessie Lee-Jones said.
Forty-two above ground and 55 underground parking spaces are also part of the plan.
Working with Plunkett and Raysich Arcitects, Troy Hoekstra’s investment company, United Development Soulutions, is heading the redevelopment of the land between the West Main Street Historic District, a residential area, and the Main Street Commercial Historic District, which will involve rezoning the block.
The tentative financing plan looks to $4 million in tax credits and $1.5 million from private investment, as well as unspecified amounts from tax incremental and private financing. The total cost is near $16 million. United Development Solutions could invest up to $2.5 million, according to Hoekstra.
While the plan is still in its tentative stage, a tax refund and leasing agreement between the City of Platteville and United Development Solutions would provide the library space to the city free of charge.
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