Platteville shivers with anticipation for Rocky Horror

“It’s astounding and time is fleeting!” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is coming to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville!

“Rocky was fun. I loved the film and I grew up watching ‘Rocky Horror,’” student director Dakota Vaassen said. “It’s a cult classic and the big reason is because a lot of us [students] are graduating at the end of this year. I wanted to help build the department for next year.”

Unlike the movie, this will be an interactive experience. While the movie is showing, the Pioneer Players will be ‘mocking it’. During specific scenes the audience will have the opportunity to interact with the cast. For $10, participants are given admittance to the show and a small kit that helps out with the interaction.

“You have the film that is playing, you have the actors mocking it and you have the audience participating and dressing up. The audience can throw rice at the actors or shoot water guns at them…” Vaassen said, “We just want the audience to have fun.”

For those who haven’t heard of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the story is about two newlyweds stranded along side of the road and they find a castle. Once inside, they discover that the castle belongs to a transvestite and numerous odd characters. As the story progresses the characters find themselves thrown in to the taboo world.

“What I think ‘Rocky Horror’ tries to teach is accepting people for who they are. Loving them no matter what.” Vaassen said.

Helping out Vaassen is Emma Wilson as the assistant Student Director. ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will be held in the Center for the Arts Fri., Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. an encore at midnight and Sat., Oct. 31 at 7 p.m. Audience members are encouraged to dress up for all performances.