Art department says goodbye to seniors


Mohammad Tazin

Holly Nygaard, senior graphic design major shows one of her projects, which is a collage of eyes with heterochromia.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is saying goodbye to their graduating senior art majors by displaying their artwork in the Nohr Gallery.

All graduating senior art majors, as well as faculty, formed a committee that critiqued each other’s work for improvement and ultimately chose the best artworks that would be on display on the exhibit.

“[The exhibit] is important because it reflects well for the art department and it prepares us for the future. It also gave us the opportunity to show off our art,” senior art education major Anna Jenson said.

Some of the artwork that is being displayed includes various art projects that students made for different courses. Famous celebrities were the inspiration for one of the pieces while cereal boxes and a pair of scissors were also used for inspiration.

The exhibit showcased various types of art forms. Some students chose to focus on photography. Other students chose to use different types of painting methods. Senior graphic design major Holly Nygaard decided to use font styles and logos.

“Not a lot of people in college can say that they designed six different logos for organizations,” said Nygaard. “It usually took me three months to complete. Some took me longer.”

Nygaard logos can be seen across Platteville. The most noticeable is the UW-Platteville’s Friday Night Club and the Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association logos. Nygaard was commissioned to redesign the logo and it will be used in the upcoming year.

Along with her logos, Nygaard also showcased her photography. Nygaard focused on how there are multiple colors within the human eye.

Nygaard has been working off commission; she is still currently applying for various jobs in her respected field after graduation. Jenson on the other hand is hopeful that she will get a teaching job.

Jenson would like to thank art history professor, Tyler Ostergaard, for all his hard work and lessons. Nygaard singled out graphic design professor, Greg Nelson, for helping her grow as a graphic designer.

Nygaard and Jenson’s artwork, along with other senior art majors work, is on display for the public and various people who attended the opening of the gallery on April 11 were impressed by this year’s artwork.

“[“Object Sematic: Scissors” by Katelyn Kieler] was one of my favorites, it was very contemporary,” sophomore biology major Rebecca Ingalls said.

The opening banquet filled up the Nohr gallery. Students, professors, friends and family went to support their loved ones.

“[The main reason] I attended was because one of my friend is actually showing her art here,” Ingalls said.

The art exhibit will be on display until Friday May 6.

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*Please note: In the previous version of this article posted on April 21, 2016, Rebecca Ingalls was quoted as saying “Object Sematic: Scissors” by Anna Jenson was one of her favorite pieces. “Object Sematic: Scissors” was a piece by Katelyn Kieler and the quote has been adjusted to reflect that.