The Freshman 15: tips to help survive your first year of college

Your first year of college can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Here at The Exponent, we all made mistakes our freshman year, so we’re going to save you the trouble of making them yourself. Here are 15 tips to help you make your freshman year go as smooth as possible.

1.   Socialize.

As silly as those icebreakers might be, participate in them. It’s one of the best ways

to make knew friends and get to know the people around you.

2.   Attend events and activities.

There are tons of events and activities all over campus everyday and most of them

are free to attend. So, try stepping out of your comfort zone and enjoy some cheap

entertainment with your fellow University of Wisconsin-Platteville students.

3.   Stay here, don’t go home.

As temping as it might be to go home every weekend, try to stay on campus. The

weekends are a great time to hangout and meet new people. Try talking to someone

you don’t know because sometimes those people you talk to end up being your best


4.   Join a Club.

There are a variety of different clubs and groups on campus to join and one is bound

to be something you like. Join one club you are interested in and go from there. If

you aren’t sure where to start, try going on Pioneerlink.

5.   Don’t be a homebody. 

Even though it is tempting to go straight to your room after class and watch Netflix,

but it is beneficial for you to go and hangout in a lounge or somewhere else on

campus. You could possibly make new friends and learn the ins and outs of campus.

6.   Go to class.

This may seem like a no brainer but it is something that people regularly don’t do.

This is the first time in your school career where you are responsible for yourself.  If

you don’t go to class, you don’t get to learn that day and fall behind.

7.   Befriend your advisor.

Your advisor is here to help you. They are the people that you go to every semester

to help fix your schedule. If they like you, they will be more willing to help you get

into classes that you need.  Make sure to stop in and say hi because believe it or not,

they are people too.

8.   Befriend your RA. 

Just like your advisor, your RA is there to help you and make your college career go

smoothly. They offer advice, give you treats and help keep you safe. So go to their

wing events, it really helps them out.

9.   Bad roommate? Don’t worry.

Bad roommates happen. Your Resident Assistant is trained to handle these sorts of


10. Lanyard around neck.

If you don’t want upper classmen to know that you’re a freshman; just don’t do it.

11. Explore campus.

Believe it or not there is more to campus than your residence hall and Stations.

There are multiple places on campus to hangout out with friends and eat dinner.

12. Take classes that interest you.

College is the time that you are able to figure out who you truly are. Taking different

classes can help you with that.

13. Do your homework. 

You’ve got to get that degree.

14. Call your mom. 

We get it: college is a fun place and sometimes you lose track of time, but don’t

make your mom worry about you. Call her without her having to ask you to.  It will

always make her day.

15. Know your resources. 

As fun as it can be, college can also be a scary place. Royce Hall houses Counseling

and Health Services on the second floor and is always welcoming new students.

These resources are also free, so might as well take advantage of them.