Pioneer throwback

UW-Platteville through the years

150 years ago: (1866)

The Platteville Normal School opened as a university for the first time on Oct. 9, 1866. William E. Carter expressed his gratitude for Hamner Robbins for his work in securing the first normal school to be located in Platteville.

100 years ago: (1916)

The Platteville Normal football team kicks off the college football season against Lancaster High School. Platteville won the game, 20-0.

50 years ago: (1966) 

Ottensman Hall opens for classes for the first time and is the first building on campus with air conditioning. Platteville Normal was granted university status and became the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

25 years ago: (1991) 

Money Guide’s Best College Buys website claims that UW-Platteville has the seventh-highest percentage of male enrollment. Sixty-four percent of students enrolled were men.

10 years ago: (2006)

Southwest Hall, a newly-constructed residence hall, faces numerous problems with key cards and air conditioning in its first semester. The complex cost the university $20 million to build and housed 380 residents.