‘Halloween Done Right’ Preview

Halloween is a holiday celebrated by millions across the globe. It’s a time for people to dress up as their favorite superheroes, cartoon characters and entertainers all while getting candy in the process. For college students, Halloween can be a time to channel their inner-child and experience the nostalgia that comes along with it; remembering the days where the biggest problem they had was deciding which costume to wear or which candies to eat first.

For many students Halloween can be a reality check. Students are reminded that although our nation has come a long way in regards to its social climate and relations, it still has far to go in order to become a fair and respectful nation. Every year on college campuses across the country, students see their cultures, ethnicities, race and other identities mocked by students who decide to wear costumes that portray harmful and negative stereotypes.

These events bring negative attention to these campuses, but the University of Wisconsin-Platteville wants to ensure that our campus is not one of them. Student Senate, Black Student Union and the Doyle Center do not want this negative stigma to be attached to UW-Platteville. These campus organizations want all students to have an enjoyable and safe Halloween, but also want to encourage students to be mindful of others when choosing a costume to wear.

Any student who has a question, comment or concern on the topic can go to the Doyle Center for an open discussion titled “Halloween Done Right” located in room 136 Warner Hall on Oct. 28. Apple cider and hot chocolate will be served.